Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wrapping Up the Semester

Well, here I am, a mere 8 school days left of the semester. For most classes, that means I will only be meeting with them twice more before the end of semester evaluations. My evaluation this semester will be with 4 professors. One I had as a teacher last year, I know another one, and the other two I have never met. It should be interesting to get their opinions on my work.

I finished my self portrait, and also just finished another painting for my painting class (see photographs below). I feel that the still life is far more successful than the self portrait, but that neither are fully completed. I hope to go in and refine them more for my evaluation. I am currently working on yet another still life, which is due on May 17th. I am finally beginning to feel that I have reached the peak of my school work and finals, and that I am on the home stretch to summer.

Just because it will be summer break does not mean that my artistic endeavors will stop. I actually have a few pieces that I plan to complete while at home for the summer months. I hope to continue to update this blog on a semi-regular basis until I start up full swing in the fall.

I plan to photograph all of my college artwork to date, and post it here in the blog, as well as in a new section of my website. I want to digitally keep track of my progress throughout the college experience. Since my school does not have a yearbook, I have also toyed with the idea of creating a scrapbook for each academic year (two semesters) I complete.


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