Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to School

So here I am, a little over 3 weeks into the new semester, and I have neglected to post to this blog (until now). Things have been insanely hectic on every front, and dealing with the pressure has caused me to make some sacrifices. I figured that while I had a few spare hours on a Sunday afternoon, I should post something new on here for anyone who actually reads this.

My class schedule for this semester is as full as it can be... and I am enjoying all of my classes. I have three studios this semester: Intro to Photo, Perspectives in Anatomy, and Illustration I. I am also taking three liberal arts courses: Concepts in Science, Humanities I, and Art Since 1945. This class load is heavy, but I don't feel like I'm drowning in homework or assignments (yet!). Haha!

I'm so glad that the transition back to school has been a relatively smooth one. I was legitimately concerned that not producing any art over the summer was going to make for a "rusty" art student. However, I found that I sprang right back into my old routines, and don't feel like I've lost my touch. They say that some things are like riding a bike, you never forget how to do them. Apparently, art is the same way.

My Illustration class requires that I keep a blog... and I have a link to that on my profile page. I will post here as soon as I begin posting work there. In the mean time, here are some photographs that I have taken recently:


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