Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favorite Artists

As a part of finding out who I am as an artist, I feel it is important to see what kind of art appeals to me. I think one of the greatest ways an artist can become inspired is by looking at the art of others. Each time I view a piece of artwork that appeals to me, I find myself wondering how I can incorporate the aspects I like into my own work. Essentially, while I am searching for my signature style, I try to emulate the style of others.
As of now, these are some of my favorite artists:

Audrey Kawasaki:
Gris Grimly:
Arno Rafael Minkkinen:
Jenny Saville:
Yoshitaka Amano:
M.C. Escher:
H. R. Giger:

There are so many more really... I found it hard to narrow it down to these artists. The more I am exposed to other people's artistic vision, the more I am able to hone in on my own style.

If you know of any artists out there that you think I might enjoy, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me with their name. I'm always open to looking at something new!


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