Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visiting the MFA Boston - 3/28/10

This past Sunday, I made the bold decision to get into my car, and drive into Boston to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Not only did I want to go, I was required to as a preliminary step to a research paper for my Art History II class. While there, I saw some pretty amazing things, and spent a considerable amount of time just wandering the galleries, taking it all in.

As I wrote about in my last post, I believe that one of the most important things that a student artist can do is look at artwork. Looking and seeing are so pivotal to bettering oneself as an artist. If you can see it, you can draw references from it. Even abstract and non-objective artists need to know how to render things realistically, based on what they see. If they can't, there's no way that their art will be dynamic.

But enough of my ranting, the MFA in Boston is a fantastic museum. It was only my second visit, but I know that I'll be going back for more. My advice to anyone who wants to visit it (as everyone should) is to get there early. I arrived on Sunday about five minutes before the doors opened. This was a fantastic time to be there, as for the first hour or so that I was there, I was practically alone. There is nothing like standing in the massive hall of European Master Paintings and being the only one in the room. That intimacy just doesn't happen when other museum visitors are also making their way amongst the artwork. It was very surreal.

If you are able to go to the MFA, but can't possibly make it through the entire museum at one time, there are some things that you absolutely must see. One, is the aforementioned European Master Paintings room... which will make you feel tiny and insignificant. The Buddhist Temple Room is another must, and is also especially powerful if you find yourself alone there. It's quiet, and peaceful, and really quite enjoyable. Even if you came into the museum via the Huntington Entrance, you should leave via the State Street Corporation Fenway Entrance. Outside it are two giant bronze baby heads. Freaky? A little. Awesome? Totally! Here's a photo I took of one of them:

Another neat piece that will totally blow your mind is located near the restaurant/gift shop in the lower galleria. If you walk into the galleria via the Foster gallery, you will be confronted with one of the coolest illusions you have ever seen. I photographed it:

I'm unsure if these are both permanent installations or not. I suppose that if they aren't, they're going to be there for some time. But still, get your butt over to the MFA in Boston. It will definitely be a fun experience.


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