Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where I Am Now...

So here I am, more than half way through my second semester of my freshman year. Honestly, I can't believe that I'm already here. I'm in the midst of choosing my classes for the fall semester. This process is made somewhat more difficult due to the fact that I will be majoring in both graphic design and illustration. Regardless of the stresses of picking classes, I still have the rest of this semester, and another four years of school to complete all the classes I need for both majors.

So far the experience of art school has been just that; an experience. In the seven months I have been a college student, many things in my life have changed. I've moved to a new town in a new state, started all new classes, and met tons of new people. I've experienced life living in a dorm (which did not work out... dorm living is not for me), as well as the responsibility of living in my own apartment off campus.

As far as my education, I can honestly say that my decision to go to art school has been verified by my experience so far. I have completely re-learned many of the things that I though I knew. Drawing, for example, is extremely subjective... and the way that I was taught to draw while here at Montserrat varies greatly from the way I was taught to draw as a child. My passion for art has increased significantly since the start of this experience, and I expect that trend will continue as I approach graduation.


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